Santa Susanna Lookbook


Summer in the Netherlands are not what it used to be. Untill now, we only had rain, clouds and low temperatures, which gave me a bit of a sad feeling to be honest. Luckly, I was spending the last week somewhere sunnier and warmer, resulting in me doing nothing the whole day but tanning.

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Spring Favorites


I decided to show you guys every season my favorite items. These could be related to anything, so if you have any tips for me you are welcome to share it in the comments below!
This season I have been loving quite some items, so if you are interested in some good old review, keep reading!

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My Favorite Heels


Spring has started, and this means not only skirts, but as well heels! Even though I am already quite tall, I can’t resist the temptation of wearing a nice pair of heels. It is simply giving you that extra feeling on a nice evening out, or just when you are going out during the day! Therefore I am the proud owner of a few pairs, and I would like to show you my three favorite pairs.

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