About Me



Hi everybody! My name is Valerie, 20 years old, and welcome to my blog.

When finding out more and more about the things I liked, I was looking for my own little space where I was able to share all the new things popping up in my head. With this in my head, I was wondering around already for quite a while with the thought of starting my own blog. Since most of my time was getting lost in my study, I never found the energy to put effort in making my own blog, and being dedicated to regularly add a post. With this as a statement in my head, I moved the idea away and continued with what I was already doing.
Months passed, and new adventures passed as well, but now and then the little face of the idea of having my own blog peeked into my brain.
Eventually, on a warm spring day, I decided that it was finally time to start my own blog, and “valerievanbeek.com” was born!

I am very excited to make this blog my own little place where I can let my thoughts wonder around about the things I love and appreciate; Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle!