MAC All Fired Up


Time for another review! This time I choose to go for a lipstick out my precious MAC collection. Since the summer is nog quite here yet, I am trying to use lipsticks which will remind me of the summer. Today, MAC All Fired Up was helping me with that.


Since just a couple of months ago, I slowly evolved into a real lipstick junkie. I started collecting some nice drugstore lipsticks, and almost never left without a color on my lips anymore. However, reading about the MAC lipsticks made me curious about these beauty pieces which are, for some reason, always showing up at every blog, video or review. When I finally convinced myself to buy one for myself as well, I was immediately sold. Since I am a huge fan of lipsticks with a matte finish, I gave it my best shot and I started adoring this range of MAC.
MAC All Fired Up is one of the lipsticks I can not get enough of. Simply just because it is the exact quality you expect when buying a MAC lipstick. These lipsticks will simply last for a good few hours, and it seems like your lips adopt themselves to the color. For the price of €19,50 it is in between the price range of drugstore lipsticks and high end lipsticks, which makes it perfect to buy if you are looking for a lipstick which is longlasting and not that expensive. MAC lipsticks simply just give you the same luxurious feeling as a more expensive high end lipstick, and I love them.

MAC Lipsticks are available at any MAC counter or at
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Do you own any MAC lipsticks? Which color is your favorite?

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