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Spring has started, and this means not only skirts, but as well heels! Even though I am already quite tall, I can’t resist the temptation of wearing a nice pair of heels. It is simply giving you that extra feeling on a nice evening out, or just when you are going out during the day! Therefore I am the proud owner of a few pairs, and I would like to show you my three favorite pairs.

IMG_0934 IMG_0935 IMG_0965

H&M Cut Out Heels

Starting off with these nice heels, which are cut out boots. I am owning these for a few years now, and I still absolutely love them! They are all around covered in black leather and the sole is made from wood, which adds a bit of softness to the heels. The fact that they are cut out, makes them perfect for sunny days, but to be honest I am wearing these even when it is pouring outside. I bought these at the online store of the H&M, but unfortunately they are not available anymore.

IMG_0939 IMG_0940 IMG_0971

Forever 21 Heels

I bought this pair of heels once for a party and loved them ever since. For sure not material to wear when it is rainy outside, but perfect for the days to come next. The fact that they are made out of different pieces of leather, makes them a bit tough I guess. Under a pair of jeans they can make your outfit complete. I am afraid these are not available anymore as well, since I bought them already quite a few years ago.

IMG_0941 IMG_0942IMG_0969

Bershka Laced Heels

These heels are for sure my ultimate favorites! I bought them a month ago at the Bershka, and I am obsessed ever since. Besides the fact that these are the only ‘colored’ heels in my stash, they walk perfect and I just love the fact that they are all the way laced at the front. Perfect for the coming days and I am sure I will wear these heels for quite a long time!

For now, these were my favorite pairs, but I am sure many more will follow. In my opinion, every woman should own at least one pair of heels, and don’t be afraid to wear them! Even if you are tall, just like me, and you are afraid you will look like a giant when wearing heels, who cares? You’ll have to admit that heels just give you that extra feminine feeling when walking down the streets.

What are your all time favorite heels?

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