Carmen Chopstick Curler


Last week I bought this Carmen Chopstick Curler. I was obsessed with it ever since I saw Zoƫ Sugg aka Zoella using it on her Youtube channel. Today, I will show you how I made this look!


So this is him, a purple small curling iron. The iron itself is not completely round, but a bit flat on both sides. It does not come with a heat protection globe, so if you are not comfortable with handing an ironing without a globe, you should buy one in advance. The iron will get really hot in a small amount of time, which makes you able to use it immediately.
So let’s try this thing out! Before using, always use a heat protection spray for your hair. I have one from the local pharmacy, but you can use any you prefer.


Step 1 – Devide your hair into two or three parts. The more parts you devide your hair in, the bigger, read afro, it will be at the end. As well the amount of hair you use at once will determine how your hair will come out at the end.
Step 2 – Curl the hair around the stick and hold it for approximately 8 seconds. Let go of your hair, and start with the next part.


Step 3 – Do this until you have covered one side of your hair, and then simply start with the other side.


Step 4 – When you have done your lower parting, you want to seperate this hair from the bits that are still straight. I gently wrap an elastic around it in order to make sure nothing will be curled twice.
Step 5 – When you have curled your entire hair, gently shake your fingers through your hair, in order to give the curls a more natural look. You can style it with some special cream and play around with it by putting some strings to the ‘wrong’ side.


And that’s it! It honestly will take you only 15 minutes and the result is great. I had the curls in for four days. However, I did had to touch it up a bit every morning but that will only take you 5 minutes. You can put it in a ponytail as well if you prefer. For me, the Carmen Chopstick Curler works perfectly and lives up to all its promises!

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