Looking back on 2016


I think we all can say that 2016 was yet another year no one could ever have predicted. Today, I am looking back on my year.

For me, 2016 started with moving back to the Netherlands after seven months of living the best adventure of my life. Living in Barcelona made me realise that some people can not always be the one that you hope them to be, and others are exactly what you wished for. I made new friends who are living all over the world, knowing that even when they are not around, we will always be there for each other. Coming back to my hometown and still feel welcome and loved by your friends after all this time, was the best thing ever. I can for sure say that I am a lucky person having friends like that!
Coming back in the Netherlands made me also realise that the world is there to explore for everyone, and there is so much I haven’t seen yet. So, after graduation, I am planning on going abroad again. I don’t know for sure what yet, but I will!
When school started again back in February, I was struggeling way too much than I used to, and my head was exploding with methods and learning obligations. So I decided it was time to finally take the step to start my own blog! I started writing about the things I enjoy in life and I honestly couldn’t care what people were thinking of it. I am writing because I want to and because I like to, not for others, just for myself.  This also meant that I am not stuck at obligationary posts. When I have time, I write, and if I don’t have the time, I skip a week without anyone complaining about that, and I love it.
In August, I started working in Amsterdam for my graduation phase. I think I can absolutely say that this internship has given me so much more light in the dark about what I want in life and what I want to do after graduation. I am learning a lot and enjoy every single day of work. I will finish in February, and start writing my thesis than, which will hopefully lead towards graduation. What I will do afterwards? Who knows. For now my goal is to graduate, and both you and me will see what the rest of the year will bring me after that!

This year again I had the privilege to travel to some places. In summer I went back to Barcelona with my mom and dad, and visited my old work and some friends there. It was so weird being back in the city I had lived in for seven months. It felt completely like returning back home, and I am happy I can say that Barcelona indeed is my second home and I can not wait to return again in May! Blogpost.
At the end of July I went to Bern in Switzerland to visit my friend Lara, and completely fell in love with this city. Coming from a country with no mountains, made Bern paradise. Stuck between two mountains, surrounded by the river, it is the most peaceful ‘big’ city I have ever been to. Blogpost.
Just a month ago I went to visit Maria, which is a friend I met in Barcelona, in Tenerife. It was the first time for me to be on an island, and I was shocked, in a good way of course, but honestly I could not think about how weird the island looked from the plane. The island itself was amazing, the weather was great and I understand for sure why people love Tenerife that much. I honestly hope to return someday to explore some more of the island! Blogpost.


Writing this on the last evening of 2016, makes me realise how crazy fast this year passed by. Another year gone, lots of new adventures, friends, and stories richer. What an incredible year it’s been, and thank you all who was part of it! I honestly hope that your year was amazing as well, and that 2017 will bring much more joy, love and happiness to all of you!

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