Favorite Books of 2016


Something new for you. I have been reading some books again this year, and I have picked my 3 favorites!


I have been obsessed with reading as long as I can remember. When we went on holidays, I always made happily abuse of my free membership at the local library, and took as many books as possible with me. Now, for the past two years or so, I have been so bad in reading books. I simply did not had the time to sit down with a cup of tea and dive into a new story and world, and I thought it was time to change that. I bought some new books and I absolutely loved reading a book again! Today, I will show you my top 3 of this year.


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
Now, I have been obsessed with Harry Potter since my grandma bought me my first book for my birthday when I was a little girl reading little girl books. I have devoured that book, and all the other ones, over and over again. I love Harry Potter. I love how the books will take your mind into such a different world, where everything is possible. These books made me laugh, cry, laugh, and cry again. I honestly think that J.K. Rowling has made many child’s imaginations come to life with these books. You can imagine, when I finished the last book, I was devastated. BUT; hurray hurray, a new book made its entrance this year, and again, I loved it. The fact that the book is not written like the usual books, did not bothered me at all. Just being taken back again into the world of magic made me feel like that 14 year old me again. I will not say something about the content of the book, because you will either love or hate it, but if you are such a huge fan like me, you definitely should read this. But then again, you probably already have.

The Girl on the Train
Now this book was wondering around in my mind for quite some time already. When eventually the movie came out, I was to determined to first read the book before going to the film. I just think that when you read a book, you will make the story to your preference in your own mind, and then afterwards you will see what the writer had in mind, which is for me always really interesting to compare. So yes, I bought the book, and yes, I loved it, and no I still haven’t watched the move as I am to afraid it will ruin my version of the story.
The book is about a woman, Rachel, who is in the middle of a depressed period of her life, as her husband left her for another woman. She is dealing with it on her own way, and is therefore working in a different city. For that, she takes the train every morning. Every day the same pattern will pass, until one day she noticed some differences, and she is doing everything she can to find out what happened.
A real thriller and absolutely an one sit through, so make sure to plan some time when starting with this book!

Me Before You
This is kind of the same story as The Girl on the Train, as I was curious for the movie but I was to stubborn and bought the book to read it first. Now this book I finished on my way to Tenerife and back in the plane. I love this book. It is so hard to write down how something like a book can have so much impact on you, but this book absolutely blew my mind. It is fascinating hwo you can be dragged into this situation you would never want to find yourself in if it was for your own life, but you just can’t stop reading.
The book is about Lou, a girl who is working in order to feed her whole family. When the restaurant she is working in is closing down, she is forced to find a job where she is not that fond about in the first place. However, a special twist is making sure she is putting her whole soul into her new job to make everything as perfect as possible.
Now I have been crying a couple of times when reading this book, and yes, I was stared at whilst being on a plane, but this book is so full of emotions that you just can’t help yourself. For sure a recommendation if you like drama, romance, and tissues.


I will for sure try to read more in 2017, so I can hopefully recommend some books for you as well. I hope you will try and read one of these books, and if so, please tell me what your thoughts were about hem!

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