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Last month I went to visit my friend in Tenerife. It was the first time for me to be on an island, and it was even better than imagined.

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I think it is fair to say that I have been avoiding my blog a bit. With being in the graduation phase and working fulltime, my schedule is twice as full as it was before. I simply couldn’t find the energy or even space to plan in some quality time and work on my blog. I absolutely love sitting down, editing photos and writing down everything I can think about, so here I am, denying that I have tons of other stuff to do, with a cup of tea being stubborn as ever.

Tenerife was one of those things I planned to do when I was in Barcelona last summer, but never thought it would actually happen. Maria, who I worked with during my internship in Barcelona, is now working on Tenerife, one of those islands belonging to Spain but twice as far away. We decided that I really should come and visit, so I planned the trip, booked my tickets, and was excited as ever to go. I had never been to an island, or even somewhere else where you have to be longer on a plane than 2,5 hours. So, as you can imagine, Tenerife was a long sit for me with almost 5 hours with no space to put my legs or bags or anything else. But when the sight of the island came closer, I was already over the rubbish flight and when I stepped a foot on Tenerife’s ground, the sun and small summer brease welcomed me warmly.

Maria is living in a small town called San Juan, just a 30 minutes drive from the airport. We rented a car, which made everything so much easier. There is a bus, but as everything is existing of small, curvy roads, I was really happy with our small car. The first day we took the car and drove all the way over one of the ‘mountains’ towards the other side of the island, to a place called Garachico. I was amazed by how quickly the weather and environment can change once you are on the other side of the island. Where in San Juan everything is vulcanish, stones and full of cacti, Garachico’s hills were packed with pine trees and grass. All the way down at the sea, you could swim in natural water surrounded by rocky paths. The water was too restless to swim in, so we just took some pictures and had lunch at a cute little restaurant. Afterwards, we drove to Los Gigantes where we found an infinity pool and made gratefully use of that. That evening we went to Los Cristianos to have dinner. In between Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas some nice bars and clubs are situated, were we had some cocktails afterwards and enjoyed the evening.

The day after we went on a boattour in order to spot some whales and dolphins. After a while, we did spotted some whales. I honestly have never experienced something that special in my life. They where so calm and stayed in between the two boats with tourists, including me, playing with each other and making the most cute little sounds I had ever heard. The water was really clear so you were able to see them swimming under the water as well. Unfortunately, we did not spotted any dolphins, but I was already satisfied we saw the whales!
In the afternoon we drove all the way to Santa Cruz, one of the bigger cities of Tenerife. The weather turned down a bit, but we loved walking round in an actual city. Unfortunately, every shop or restaurant was closed as it was Sunday, so when the evening arrived we drove back to Playa de las Americas to find out this turned into one of the most cutest touristic towns of the whole island. All terraces were packed and street artists were entertaining everyone around them. Walking further into town, we discovered lots of hidden, cosy public squares, where we found a nice place to eat.

Unfortunately, the day after I already had to pack my bags but I absolutely loved Tenerife. It amazed me how many people there still are on an island like Tenerife, off season. I think an island like this never sleeps, but how could it, with the weather being perfect as ever and the towns being cute and cozy all around. I still can’t get over the fact that suddenly an island rises there, in the middle of the ocean, with even a vulcano in the middle of it all, and how the environment is adjusting itself to that. I fell in love with Tenerife, that’s for sure, and perhaps I will be back to explore the rest of the island!


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