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I was searching for a good set of brushes already for quite some time, and I knew that the brushes from Real Techniques were really worth trying. So, when by birthday arrived, I asked for this limited edition package and received this from my friends.


Nic’s Picks are an edition of Real Techniques chosen by Nic from Pixiwoo. The brushes are delivered in a solid, colorful package. Surrounded by foam, these brushes will arrive in perfect state at your home. I like how they made the handles just plain silver, and how light they are. Due to this, they are really easy to use.



Due-fiber Face Brush: this brush is perfect to use for applying any powder, such as settling powder, blush and highlighter. The soft hairs of the brush makes it perfect for strong products, as only a little bit will be applied to your face.

Cheek Brush: this brush is a bit more tough than the previous brush. Therefore, this brush is perfect to shape your face with, with for example a bronzer. As well, this is a perfect brush for a softer blush that you would like show better on your cheeks.



Angled Shadow Brush: this brush is a smaller version of the Duo-fiber Face Brush. Therefore, it makes it perfect for a highlighter to apply on your cupid bow or nosebone.

Base Shadow Brush: due to the loseness of the hairs, it is not really a good brush to use for your moving eyelid, as the eyeshadows will not set on the brush that well. Therefore, I am using this brush mostly for blending the eyeshadows in my crease, which works perfect with this brush!

Eyeliner Brush: I am not using this brush for applying my eyeliner, because I use a liquid eyeliner pen most of the times. However, I love using this brush for applying eyeshadow on my lower lashline. Due to the angled head, this is the optimal brush for completing your look.


Nic’s Picks are mostly brushes I defenitely would buy seperated as well. I love the Duo-fiber Face Brush and I am using this every day since I got the package. The eye brushes are as well a good addition to my brush collection. For the price of €29,49, which is €5,00 for one brush, I would recommend this for sure to anyone looking for a good brush kit, or even starterskit!

Real Techniques Nic’s Picks are available at

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