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This week I decided to combine some of my favourite summer items of this year and to have a small improvised shoot in the garden with my sister.

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Autumn started this week, but still the weather is refusing to surrender itself to the leaves falling of the trees and the clouds to cover the sun. For some reason, summer started way too late this year and we are still enjoying the high temperatures in september. Skirts are all over the place and jackets are still in the cabinets. This Friday I choose all my favourites of last season, and convinced my sister to have a mini shoot in our garden, accompanied by the dogs. By the way, can we just take a moment to look at how cute and greedy my youngest dog is? Love it.

One of the items I absolutely love, is this pencil skirt from Zara. I love the color, as normally the only colors I am wearing towards the end of summer are going back to basic black, grey, or something in between. This skirt is definitely one of my best purchases so far. The fabric is made of synthetic leather, which makes the skirt perfect for even autumn. I am even wearing this skirt to work, but as well on a night out, so perfect to combine with whatsoever.

On top, I am wearing a body from Primark. It has a bit of a lower back, which makes it a bit more classy. It is the most simple fabric ever, and not expensive at all. I am combining this with my culotte, jeans, skirts, basically everything.

The shoes I am wearing are one of my latest purchases from H&M. They are perfect to wear for my work, but as well during a night out, a dinner, or just when I want to make my look a bit more luxurious.

The hat is from Primark as well, and I bought this literally already one year ago or something, but I am never wearing it. I really like the hat, but I never find a good occasion to actually wear it. For now, I loved how it made my outfit complete.

Some products are not available anymore, I tried to find alternatives, sorry for that.

I was wearing:
Hat; Primark | Body; Primark | Skirt; Zara | Heels; H&M | Watch; Fossil | Choker; Forever 21

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