NYX Nail Lacquer Iced Mocha


I have been keeping myself busy with testing some new nail polishes again. I had never tried the NYX polishes before, so I was pretty curious how this one would work on my nails.


I must say that I really like the package of this polish. The flacon is quite big, and it gives you that 3D effect due to the flacon inside the see through package. The combination of see through with black, makes it perfect to fit within all the other products of NYX. Same style, same result? We will see about that!
The applicator is normal sized, which allows you to paint all the corners of your nails properly. As well, if you don’t  have that big nail beds, this applicator will still be perfect for you.

img_2191 img_2192

This color is described by NYX as “Muted Nude with a Berry undertone“, and they named it Iced Mocha – #12. For me, this is the perfect color for this time of the year. Summer is comming to its end and Autumn is making itself ready to rock. Due to the berry undertone, it makes the color not too ‘Autumn-ish’, if you get what I mean, but for Summer I would not pick this color eather as it is not outstanding or something like that. For me, perfect for the season gap we are currently in.
You can only apply one layer if you prefer to have it a bit lighter, but I mostly apply two layers with any nail polish because I think it shows the purpose of the polish better.


All said, I am quite happy with NYX on this one. It will last for sure 4 days perfectly on your nails, after that I spotted some cracks and it started chip, but I am good with 4 days. The price of this nail polish is only $5,00 on the website, and they sell them in most stores as well. Again, a huge range of different colors, I think they have like 85 or something, so for sure there will be a color you’ll like!

NYX Nail Lacquer Iced Mocha and all the other colors, are available in the NYX shops or at www.nyxcosmetics.com

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