KIKO 3D Light & Glow Highlighter Stick


Today I will be sharing my opinion with you about this creamy highlighter stick from KIKO!


I was looking for a powder highlighter to be honest, as I am not a big fan of using cream products on my face. So, when in Barcelona, I went to KIKO but was been told that they don’t sell powders as it will come off to quickly due to the hot weather. I mean, come on? I honestly thought that was the biggest crap I had ever heard, but well, had to deal with it at that moment. He showed me this stick, but I was definetely not interested in having that, so I left the shop without my highlighter.

Once I was back home, I made up my mind and decided to give this highlighter a try. Being in sale for only €4,90 made me not being able to resist it. As sceptic as I was before using it, so satisfied I am right now with this product. You have different colors in this, and I went for the color Conquer Coral. It has a really soft pink, a peachy, and a blushy pink color in it, which makes it not too white on your face but more a bit peachy with a soft pink undertone.


The stick has a soft and creamy texture, and is really easy to apply. On the other side of the stick, there is a soft sponge, which you can use to devide the product with on your face, but I prefer to use my finger. You can choose to only use one color, or just all three colors. I use them all three, with the pink color at the bottom to create bit more blush on my cheeks.

The stick glides easy over your face, and it is good blendable with the rest of your face. Do take your time to blend the product good though. This prevents stripes to occur on your cheek and above. The highlighter is shiny, but not too shiny, which makes it almost perfect for me. If you prefer to have a lot of shimmers on your face and a strong visible highlight, this is not the product for you. This highlighter stick is perfect if you want just a bit of a shiny tone on the places you think it is needed. It lasts for a good working day, so no need to do check-ups!


So, yes, I am sold. For this price the stick does exactly what you expect from it. It is really easy to use, it is not too outstanding from your other makeup, and it lasts long enough to get you through the day. I am positive, so definetely something to try if you are looking for a discrete highlighter!

KIKO 3D Light & Glow Highlighter Stick is available in any KIKO store or at

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