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When I was living in Barcelona, I got obsessed with the KIKO store which was around the corner of my apartment. Whenever I crossed it, I always popped in to look for some new colors to add to my nail polish stash. And so, before I left the city after seven months, I made my last visit to this store and purchased these three colors, which I absolutely love!
I choose for two more basic colors and one color I thought was too lovely not to buy.

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Let us start with the first color, which is 486 described as Tea Rose. To be honest, I would not know what to imagine when you tell me “tea rose”, but it will work for me. I would describe this color as the perfect color if you are totally into nude everything. It is absolutely one of my favorites, since this color is just a match with any piece and color you are wearing. Perfect for any season basically.

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To be honest, I was not able to read the number of this color anymore since I used it too many times already. I am sorry for that, though it would not be hard to find this color in the shops since it is an outstanding bright color. I would say that it could be a combination of red, orange and pink, and is having a slightly neon undertone. This color is without any doubt a Summer favorite, which could be perfect for both finger- and toenails and will give your look that extra fresh color on a warm sunny day!


The last color could be considered maybe as more an Autumn color. This polish is number 317 and called Dark Antique Pink. For me, a name with any purple swing would be more at his place here, since this is defenitely any form of purple on your nails. Could be seen as more a color for Autumn because of its dark undertone, but with only one layer it could be a Spring color as well.


To conclude
I can faithfully say that not only these, but all the nail lacquer colors of KIKO are a dream for your nails. The texture is making sure that with already one layer your nails will look amazing. This for only a price of €2,50 (!!) whenever ordering online. These facts will make KIKO my top favorite brand for nail polish at the moment, and I am sure it could be yours as well, since they sell every color you could impossibly wish for.

KIKO is available at

What do you think about KIKO? What is your favorite KIKO nail lacquer color? Share in the comments below!

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  1. Tea Rose & Dark Antique Pink are so beautiful! Both of them would be perfect for spring/autumn. And the red-orange shade would really be great for upcoming summer season <3 I didn't know Kiko got some amazing nail polishes!! Thanks xx

    KayleeㅣJK’s Dawn

  2. Nice blog Valerie. I Will show it to Yara who also loves nail polish. Keep on posting and lots of succes

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