Bern | Pt. 2


My adventures in Bern, Switzerland, divided into three different posts. Today, part 2.

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The second day of my adventure in Bern, we visited the other side of the inner city, where the older streets are situated. We went to take a look at the Zytglogge, which was used back in the days as an old town gate. Nowadays, it is a touristic attraction, located at the edge of the old inner center. The clock is illustrated with small bears and other characters, which are making music when the full hour arrives. After this, we walked a bit more into the older streets of Bern, which still has the architecture of the past. We ended in front of the Münster, which is the tallest cathedral from Bern, and conquered our fears to climb the stairs all the way up to the top. This was absolutely worth it. The view was breathtaking, looking from the middle of Bern over the whole city. We were even able to see a glimpse of the Alps in the clouds!

After this view on to the next view, as we decided to go back to the Rosengarten. I did not managed to take good pictures the evening before, so we did a small photoshoot over there. We walked through the cutest park I have ever seen, fully covered with more than 220 different types of roses and even more other types of flowers. Ending with a small pond, this place was already at the top on my favorites list.

To end the afternoon, we decided to spend some hours at the Aare, as the weather was again great. And, believe it or not, Lara convinced me to take a swim in the Aare. Never again. For those who don’t know exactly what the Aare is, I will explain briefly. Basically it is a river surrounding the inner city of Bern, but the water in the river is molten snow from the Alps. So, let’s summarize; cold and a fast stream. When you jump in the water, the only thing you need to do is making sure you are not drowning, as the water is pulling you forward through the river. And that made me terrified about the fact that maybe the stream would be so strong, I would not be able to go out anymore. But, well, Lara convinced me and I spend maybe 10 seconds in the river, but hey, I did it!

In the evening we went to visit some family, who are living more on the country side of Bern. It was really relaxing and peaceful to just sit there and stare to the cows on the mountain in front of you, hearing almost no traffic or screaming people. This, as well, I love about Bern. The fact that one moment you are in a fully touristic capital, and the other moment you are surrounded by mountains, green fields, and cows.
In the night we decided to grab a drink with some friends of Lara, and we visited a festival in the city. Cultural shock for me; it was for free and anyone could just enter and enjoy the music. Moreover, the type of people hanging around a festival like that, was as well a cultural shock for me. Everyone was so nice. Like, literally, so nice. If I bumped into someone, they would apologize for my mistake? I did not understood that at all, as in the Netherlands everyone is just giving you filthy looks if you would only touch them by mistake. No offence to the Dutch among us, everyone does it. Another shock for me, was the type of people hanging around at that festival. In the Netherlands, I would never even think about attending a festival like that, but in Bern it is just normal and they don’t even think about doing any harm? This night was certainly something to think about when I will visit a festival in the Netherlands again, haha.

And that was the end of day two. Next week I will be posting the last part of my adventures in Bern!

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