Bern | Pt. 1


My adventures in Bern, Switzerland, divided into three different posts. Today, part 1.

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During the last week of my holidays, I went to visit my friend Lara in Bern (capital of Switzerland, for those who didn’t knew). Although I never went to Switzerland for a good city trip before, I was really excited to go and see Lara. Lara and I are third generation of the “Netherlands – Switzerland” relation existing between our families. I will spare you the details, but basically it started with my grandpa moving to Switzerland, and a bunch of holidays further, here I am with Lara. Funny thing is, though, that Lara and I only differ 5 days in age (like, what?). When we were young, we used to meet each other in Switzerland but kind of disappeared from each other’s radar for a couple of years. Now, we fortunately regained our contacts and before I knew it, I was already in the airplane on my way to Bern.

Enough historical drama, let’s talk about Bern! Bern is ab-so-lute-ly beautiful. Literally, my mom told me that Bern would be amazing, but I never expected that a city could have this big impact on me. The inner city, which I have been visiting the first day, is full with historical monuments, old churches, and patriotic touches. It is surrounded by the river Aare, which makes Bern a small island surrounded by mountains and connected which high bridges.

We started the day off with a coffee at a nice restaurant next to the Aare. The water coming from the mountains, is gathered in this big area, which gives an amazing view. After this, we went into the city center to do some sightseeing. Lucky for us, Lara had a Vespa, so we were able to move really easy around the city into the different areas of Bern. I had a glimpse of the Münster, which is the cathedral of Bern. As well, Lara showed me some streets where all the flags of the cantons of Switzerland are positioned on the front of the houses. This is, for example, one of the patriotic elements of the city.
Another funny thing about Bern, is die Bärengraben. This is a spot made during the build up of the city. They placed some bears in the middle of the city, in order to honor the bear, as this is a really important animal for Bern. You might think it is weird to have bears in the middle of the city. Trust me, I had the same, but they really improved their living conditions and they are used to their way of living nowadays.
After this, and some lunch, we went sunbathing at the Aare. In the evening Lara’s parents took us to a lovely restaurant on top of the mountain, which is called the Rosengarten, which has the most amazing view of Bern. Unfortunately, I do not have proper pictures of this, but in the next post I will have some, as we went back there the next day for some nice photo’s.

I will divide my Bern adventures over three posts, as I really would like to show you as much as possible from the city. So, next week part 2!

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