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When I needed some decorations for my mom’s surprise high tea, I started searching on Pinterest and found these amazing flowers, which are actually so easy to make! I will be explaining every single step for you in this article.


What you need to make these flowers:

  • Paper napkins in the colors you prefer
  • Pieces of thread or thin rope
  • Scissors


1. Fold the napkin open, so it will be in the shape of a rectangle. The bigger your rectangle is, the bigger your flower will be. However, if you prefer to have a fuller layered flower, you can fold a smaller rectangle from the napkin, in order to create more layers.
2. Start folding the napkin from the bottom to the top in an accordion style.


3. Continue completely up to the top.
4. Cut both ends of the napkin in a curve. This will make the petals of the flower round so it will look more realistic.


5. Fold the napkin in half. Tie the napkin with a piece of thread or rope where the center is shown. Cut off any excess pieces with your scissors.
6. Fold the napkin open in such a way, that it looks like an ongoing circle.


7. Unfurl the napkin slowly and gently, by pulling the layers of each other. If you used the same strategy as I did, you will have four layers of paper on each side. No worries if you break a layer, you can play around with the others to cover the mistake.
8. Play around with the layers to your own preference, and your flower is done!


I have used three different pastel tinted colors, in order to be able to play around with the decorations a bit more. It is really not hard to make these flowers once you get the hang of it. I would recommend to make them one day before the ‘big’ day, and store them in a container or a bag. They are really easy to move around as they are not weighted at all, and they don’t take that much storing space.

Have you got any easy DIY decoration tips?

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