Dr. Van der Hoog Healing Honey Peel Off Mask


Due to my last post of a Dr. Van der Hoog face mask, where I review an already quite old packaging mask, I received some masks of their new range. I decided to try out a mask I never had done before.


“Be sweet for your skin! Therefore, treat your skin with this beneficial Healing Honey Peel Off mask, which is full with all the good of honey. It will give your skin a thorough cleaning which will remove all your skin impurities. Immediately after removing the mask, your skin will feel clean again”.

To be honest, I actually never had done a peel off mask before, so I was quite curious how this would work out for my skin. The purpose is to apply a thin layer on your skin, avoiding the skin around your eyes and mouth, wait for approximately 20 minutes, and than peel it off.

I was so surprised when I started peeling off this mask. It felt literally like my skin was getting ripped of my head, including all the tan I had been working on so hard during my holiday. Luckly, this was not the case, haha. Afterwards, my skin felt pretty much the same as before the mask, but I did noticed that some of my impurities disappeared the day after.

Just because I really wanted to share the feeling of this peel off mask, I applied it as well on the skin of my mom, dad, and sis, and believe me, they felt exactly the same as me when I started peeling the mask off.

So, in the end, an experience to feel your skin having peeled off, but not really the result afterwards when I used other masks of Dr. Van der Hoog.

Dr. Van der Hoog face masks are available at normal drug stores in the Netherlands, or at www.drvanderhoog.nl

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