Festive Birthday High Tea


Last week, we celebrated my moms birthday. As she decided not to give it too much of attention, I, of course, decided to surprise her with something special. My sister and I organized a high tea for her and invited some family to enjoy that together with us!


I am always a person who is willing to do something special when it comes to family birthdays or other festive days. So, when time is there, I start snibbling around on Pinterest to check many boards for some ideas. Tip, by the way, if you do not have made a Pinterest account yet, do so! It is full with inspiration for cute little DIYs, party ideas and many many other pictures in order to throw a perfectly in to detail organised party. After gathering a few ideas and making a shopping list, I enlisted my sister’s help and we got to work to make an amazing high tea for my mom. We invited a small group of family members in order to keep it nice and cosy. We decided to throw it just at home, due to the preparations and the small time we had in between the visits of other family.


The Food

We started with making a list with things we needed to have a full high tea. As you might know, there is hot food, sandwiches, and sweets. If you have some more time than I had, you can go to the extraordinary with preparing the most amazing dishes and just store them waiting for the big day. But, as mentioned, I did not had a huge amount of time, so I kept it quite simple, which could be nice as well if you just make sure you can make it cosy enough for everyone. For the hot part, I was planning to make my own small pizza cupcakes, but I did not had the right equipment at the moment of truth, so I decided to prepare some small sausage rolls. Pre-made from the Albert Heijn, just pop them in the oven 10 minutes before kick-off and they will be perfect. As for the sandwiches, we made four different types in order to make sure we had a selection that everyone would like. The sandwiches were filled with salmon and cream cheese, chicken with cucumber and cream cheese, egg salad with pepper, and filet americain with mustard and pickles. These sandwiches are really easy to make, just buy a regular white bread and cut off the edges, stuff them with anything you like and cut them into two small triangles. Furthermore, I made a plate with small caprese skewers, which are literally so easy to make and very pleasing to look at. An other thing I made, is cucumber stuffed with tuna salad. Just scoop a bit of cucumber out and fill that part up with tuna salad. Done. Really tasty for a small bite and, yes, really easy to make. Moving on to the sweet part, I just bought a chocolate bar filled with peanuts and some nougat and placed those nicely on a plate. Finishing with cute little dougnuts, chocolate and plain flavoured, made the food part complete.


The Decoration

My mom always says that she is not into festive decoration ideas for her birthday, but I think I quite managed to change her opinion about that. I came across some really nice and cute DIYs for decorations for special occasions. I will make a seperated blogpost about how to make the flowers and pendulum I made for my moms birthday, but I just would like to quickly highlight them in this post as well. The only equipment needed for these decorations are paper napkins, some string, a scissor, and preferable an automatic glue gun, but as I did not had one I used small tape. But to be fair, glue will look better on the pendulum as you will not see it. I bought some pastel colored tissues at Blokker. They will be priced between €1,00 and €2,00 and you will only use a few of the whole package, so for sure you can use them many times more. How to make them? I will make a post about that shortly, promise!


The Bare Necessities

So besides the food and the decoration, there are of course some things you just can’t miss in order to run your high tea as smoothly as you can. Think about the simple stuff, such as a tablecloth, napkins, cutlery, plates, chairs, etc. Do you have enough equipment for all the guests, are there enough spots for everyone? Just the simple things that can go wrong, think about that first. Furthermore, make sure you already have a range of different tea bags on your table in order to let the guests pick their own flavor. Place a small plate with sugar on the table, and maybe even a jar of milk if you fancy that in your tea. Have already some pre-boiled water on the table or near your table and refresh this once in a while to make sure there is always enough available. Think about the light, you would not want your guests to sit in the dark, right? As well, think about a theme. Would you like to have a special theme for your high tea? Maybe the person is really into the color pink, or even elephants? There are enough themes to think about. Try to decorate the table as themed as possible. I decided to just take it easy with the theme and added some pastel tinted decorations, but you can make it as crazy as you want!

I am already looking forward to the next time I will throw someone a high tea. I just love to arrange everything into detail, and as I could slip into the role of a control freak really easily when doing these kind of things, I get my satisfaction out the succeedance of these events. We had a lot of fun and it was nice to do this with family, as time went way too fast! Hopefully this post got you inspired and you will be throwing someone a high tea very soon as well!

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