NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream; Cannes & Milan


I finally purchased two NYX soft matte lip creams. I have been searching for this for months and passed every single store near Rotterdam in the Netherlands, but they were never there. Lucky for me, I visited Barcelona in my holidays and they just opened a NYX store on my favorite shopping street! I have purchased Cannes and Milan, and will be reviewing them for you today.


Let’s start with the design of the product. It is just a simple flacon, not too fancy and not too cheap. Just normal, and the perfect size to have one in your handbag or purse, as it only contains 8 ml of product. I like that they made the cap matte, as it matches the finish of the product. Furthermore, the color of the flacon itself match the actual color of the product quite good.


Moving on to the applicator. It is a small, simple aplicator, which makes it easy to follow the lines of your lips and to make a nice look without using a pencil. Though, the applicator takes quite a lot of product with it, so it is usefull to first make dots of product devided on your lips before actually applying it to the fullest.


Milan – Cannes

When applying it, the result is exactly what you are expecting; soft, matte and creamy. After a while, it will dry up as a matte lipstick, but you don’t have the feeling that your lips are drying out, which I do have with some matte lipsticks. I think that is the effect of the creamy texture, and I really like that I do not need to apply a balm before using this. Even though they look quite pigmented, I needed to apply more layers in order to have a fully covered color.
As well I think that they dry up not that fast, but they do last long which I think is more important than the drying time.


On the picture above, I have the color Milan on my lips, which is a bright pink color. It makes your face perfectly ready for a sunny day in summer or spring, but I think it is a nice color to wear during a night out as well, as it makes your face jumping out of the crowd.


On the picture above I am wearing the color Cannes, which is a more nude color with a slightly undertone of pink in it. I prefer these types of nudes, as it makes your face calm but as well interesting to look at. This color is perfect for basically any season, as you can make your make up look as heavy and crazy as you want while wearing this.

I really like that they named all their products after a famous city, island or country, and I think the colors matches the names as well. Furthermore, for a price of €7,50 I really think they do well. Besides the fact they need a few layers to have fully coverage, and it takes some time to dry up completely, I would definetly purchase more of the NYX soft matte lip creams!

The NYX soft matte lip creams are available at nyxcosmetics.com, douglas.nl, or at any NYX store

Have you already tried a NYX soft matte lip cream? Which color is your favorite?

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