Santa Susanna Lookbook


Summer in the Netherlands are not what it used to be. Untill now, we only had rain, clouds and low temperatures, which gave me a bit of a sad feeling to be honest. Luckly, I was spending the last week somewhere sunnier and warmer, resulting in me doing nothing the whole day but tanning.
Santa Susanna has been one of those places I visited a long time ago with my family and recently slipped back into our vacation lives. Honestly, it is not an adventurous place to visit, but that’s not really needed for me as I get my joy out of tanning and doing nothing. If you do like to explore a bit during your holiday, there are a lot of places easy accessible by using the train stopping in each place along the coastline, including Barcelona.
Due to me being lazy as always on holidays, I did not put a lot of efforts in dressing myself up during evenings. Though, in between sleep, food and sangria, I squeezed in some time to make a few outfit pics for you. Hope you’ll enjoy them!
Some products are not available anymore, sorry for that.


Body; H&M | Shorts; H&M | Shoes; Primark | Choker; Forever 21


Top; H&M | Skirt; H&M | Shoes; Primark | Choker; Forever 21


Body; Zara | Jeans; H&M | Shoes; Bershka

What is your ultimate vacation outfit?

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