Spring Favorites


I decided to show you guys every season my favorite items. These could be related to anything, so if you have any tips for me you are welcome to share it in the comments below!
This season I have been loving quite some items, so if you are interested in some good old review, keep reading!


MAC Lipstick Mehr
I received this lipstick from a friend of mine, and I am super thankful that she gave me this one. I have been using it extensively over the last weeks and had already a few panic attacks when losing it during nights out.. I just think it matches every outfit I am wearing and it became a standard product in my bag. Absolutely my favorite color of MAC.

KIKO Quick Dry #8
How could I not add a KIKO Nail Polish to my favorites of this season. KIKO has been in my live as a red thread lately. I fell in love with this brand hopelessly, and I do not know if that is a good thing or not.. The color of this polish suits this season normally not that well, but as the weather still feels like Autumn, I like the light brown color. Plus side; it does actually dries super quick!
Nivea Men Post Shave Balm
Yes, I became one of the persons using a male product on my face. To be honest, I forbade myself using this, as I really did not believed that a product for men would do miracles to my face. Before this, I was using a water primer of Nivea for my face, but it was not sticky at all. I did loved that it gave my face some breathing under my makeup, but well, it was not really doing its job as a primer good. So, when finishing that one, I decided to go against all my thoughts and bought this product. And yes, I was wrong. I was wrong going ‘mad’ at all the beauty bloggers using this products, because, why using a post shave balm? I understand now. It is perfect for a primer, as it is sticky, light, and it really puts a protection layer on your skin. Yes, changes are good for me, and this is one of it. Love it. Never going to use something else for sure.


Primark Madagascan Vanilla Scented Candle
A little while ago, when doing another purchase at the Primark, my eye spotted this box full of cute little scented candles. I do not know the actual price, but it is for sure not above €2,-. And really, for this price, I would have bought the whole box if I had known that they would smell so good. Not only my room, but the whole floor smells like vanilla after lighting this. Another good point of these candles is that you do not need to blow them out, but just put the cover back on it. This prevents smelling your room ashy.
Forever 21 Choker
Since chokers became a thing again, I have been looking for a choker for a really long time. as I had a perfect one in mind but never saw that one in a store. When visiting Forever 21 I found this choker for only €3,- (!!). I did not even hesitated and I did not cared about the fact that it was actually not the one I wanted, as it was so cheap. Have been loving it ever since. The cute little triangle in the middle of the black laced necklace makes me wearing this one quite a lot. Another good purchase, well done.
Lidl Adult Coloring Book
I have been thinking about buying an adult coloring book already since I did my internship in Barcelona and one of the guests was coloring the most amazing things in her book. Though, I found them quite expensive and I did not knew if I would like it or not. When Lidl added these books to their weekly stock, I was really happy. This book was only €2,99 so perfect for me to try it out. To be honest, I really like it. Coloring makes me clearing my mind and time goes by so fast. Especially last weeks I have been dealing with a lot of pressure from school, and this book gave me the opportunity to escape a bit from all that pressure. Moreover, it has some really nice pages in it to color. Would really recommend an adult coloring book when you love to have some ‘alone time’ or when you just need to have a calmer mind.

Do you have any season favorites or recommendations for next season?

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