Essie Lapiz of Luxury


I felt like doing another nail polish review, as I love to discover how the colors present itself on my nails, as every polish ‘lives’ different. After doing a grab in my polish stash, I found this Essie nail polish.


So, I am not a big Essie buyer, and honestly I do not have a solid reason for that. As others might say it is the first counter they run to when they are in need of a new polish, I prefer looking at different counters. Maybe I just get too blown away by all the colors staring at me from the pale white Essie counter in almost every drugstore I visit. Nonetheless, I own a few colors which I absolutely love. How could it be that an Essie polish will not be loved.. They literally have every single color you can imagine, adding each season new colors. The applicator is perfect, as you need only two swipes to cover your nail and they last quite long. One point of criticism is, that if you are like, me a person who likes their color to be bright, you will need to apply two layers of the polish on your nail. But hey, almost every polish needs this, so not really criticism to be fair.
This color is called ‘Lapiz of Luxury’ and is described as followed; ‘Lavish yourself in opulent azure. Dreamy, ocean blue beautiful nail color is perfect for spring, summer and anytime you want to escape to bliss; a dreamy ocean blue’. And, to be honest, they are right. Not particular the bliss part, but it is actually a dreamy, ocean blue color. This color is not like other blue colors, as those are shouting blue on your nails while wearing it. This color is actually getting away with the fact that it is still blue, as it mingles in with your outfit and people are barely noticing you are actually wearing a blue nail polish. You are getting away with this color super easy, and it is indeed perfect for this time of the year. This color is getting my approval, and will go with me on holiday for sure!

Essie is available at or at almost every drugstore

What is your favorite Essie color?

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