Kneipp Douche Favourites


When cleaning up some cabinets in the bathroom, my mom found these Kneipp Douche products, and I decided to try them out.

To be honest, all of these small packages do not tell lies on the cover about the scent. The scent is very strong and is lasting for quite some when you have used it. This is as well where Kneipp stands for; a strong scent and good results. They all four have a different purpose, which allows you to choose your own favourite. The scents I have are respectively; almond blossom for the dry and sensitive skin, mint eucalyptus for refreshments when having a cold, manderin & orange which will harmonize the mind, and pathouli hennep which claims to give balance and harmony.
The structure of all is sort off like a gel, and it is easy to apply as they are not too thick.

While the first two scents are giving what they promise as I might say, the other two scents are for me just regular gels which are not giving me a hamonized and balanced mind. But then, to be honest, I do not really believe that a shower gel actually could do that.. My favourite of these four is therefore the almond blossom gel.

These shower gels are really nice to bring when you go on a holiday, as they are small sized (75 ml) and not expensive at all. If you like to smell like flowers or an other scent and really enjoy that during your shower, these products could be perfect for you. Though, you will need to accept that not all the gels will give you what they promise.

Kneipp Douche products are available at or at drugstores such as Kruidvat.

Do you own any Kneipp Douche products? What is your favourite scent?

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