Dr. Van der Hoog Peachy Face Mask


Due to the always changing weather, my skin is at the moment not what it used to be. Therefore, when I found my pile of face masks while cleaning up my beauty stash, I decided to try some out. Here is my verdict about this Dr. Van der Hoog face mask.

I found out this mask is already quite old, and there have been done some changes in formula and design. Nonetheless, I decided to try this one out, since it had not been opened yet and the texture was still good.


“This peach mask is a creamy mask, including vitamin E, provitamin B, softened peachoil, and peach extract. The mask is strongly moisturizing and it will restore your skin elasticity. After using this mask, your skin will feel smooth and slick again”.

The purpose of the mask is to softly devide it over your face, avoiding the sensitive skin around your eyes and mouth. After waiting for 5 to 10 minutes, you will need to softly massage it into your skin again and than wash it off.

To be honest, I do not really have the patience to apply a face mask, wait untill it has done its work, and peal or wash it off afterwards. However, I do like the feeling of my skin after the mask, so I am having this love-hate relationship with face masks. This face mask is just white of color, and quite thick. It feels more like the top of a yoghurt which has laid to long uncovered somewhere. This did not really encouraged me to actually apply it on my face, but well, I did. During the waiting time the mask dryed up, but I did not really felt like it was doing its work. Trying to massage it in again after 10 minutes seemed even more impossible as the mask already dryed up completely. After washing it off, which went quite smoothly as I might say, my skin felt a bit more softer but not that perfect. Still, my face looked more healthy during the day.

In the end, I would use this mask again as it is not expensive at all, but if you are looking for an amazing result, this is not the mask you are looking for.

Dr. Van der Hoog face masks are available at normal drug stores in the Netherlands, or at www.drvanderhoog.nl

Have you ever tryed a mask of Dr. Van der Hoog?

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